Too hot to handle!

So how have you all been getting along in this heat??
I for 1 will be glad when the autumn is here! I love the winter!!

I have to say I have struggled in this heat its been a killer.
I hate being hot and bothered and sweaty in al fairness.
Iv lived most of the days with just knickers a t shirt and a pair of knickers, I mean how else is a big girl meant to stay cool???

I have been swimming also to try and cool off but being a larger lady its not the most comfortable of experience’s.
I have to wear a bra under said cossie and then a sports bra over it as im not keen on my bra being on show.

Then there’s the struggle to get into the swimming pool it self, it has steps but not steps as we know it.
They are like an extended ladder stretched out and I have to squeeze my self through the hand rail…I swear one day I will get stuck!
Getting out is even worse and I always try to get out when the percentage of the people have their backs to me as their swimming back down the pool.

All this leaves me feeling very hungry too hahaha

So my quest this week is to try and find a swimming costume for a ssbbw! A uk 32 just isn’t going to to cut it! I need BIG!! With enough support that the girls don’t need me to wear a bra underneath!

Thanks for reading and if you hear of any sites selling large costumes let me know!


So where are all the SSBBW,S?

So iv not blogged for a long time as I haven’t really been feeling myself, and looking and reading all the plus size blogs didn’t really help. They are all stunning curvy girls.
So this leads to my question.. Where the hell are all the super sized big beautiful women blogs??
Of all the blogs I have read im yet to find a lady over the uk size 32 writing about how it feels to be a real big women in this day in age.
The struggles we face from clothes to shoes to simply finding a restaurant with a seat my fat arse can fit in!
So I thought I would use this my blog as a kind of diary to vent my feeling and hope somewhere along the line il get to meet other bloggers and people like me!

So on that note im also off to work out how I get my blog out there and get people to reads it.

I thank my twitter followers for taking the time out to read my musings and I promise to tweet lots more!

See ya laters!


Let me be your fantasy….

So what IS my deepest, darkest sexual fantasy, you ask…

My answer to you is… STRANGER/STRANGER SEX!

This is, has been, and always will be kept as a fantasy to be enjoyed only in my mind. As much as I am tempted, I would never put myself in such a position of potential danger. Especially in this day and age of psychopaths, rapists, murderers, serious std’s, and AIDS.

But just THINKING about this type of uninhibited sex with strangers makes me wetter than a rainy day in the tropics!

And of course, I mean BAREBACK sex with strangers! (Why not, since it’s only a fantasy in my mind? )

This particular fantasy of mine started back when I was 18 or 19 or thereabouts. I remember, because my then boyfriend (and first lover) had a collection of Playboy, and other porn magazines strewn around his house and while he was busy out in the garage, I was busy in his bedroom getting off to various magazine articles, forums, and hot pics!

I remember, in particular, a couple of Hustler articles (with pics, of course! ) about these bars that held amateur stripper contests. And about the women who participated and then got carried away by the enthusiastic response of the bar crowd when they started masturbating on stage and encouraging the bar patrons to join in with them… The horny men would literally line up to finger, lick, and fuck that one very horny woman! OMG! I would imagine that I was her, that dozens, or even hundreds, of horny men of all ages, races, shapes and sizes wanted to fill me with their hot cum!

Through the years, this fantasy in my mind grew a life of its own. Not only would I keep replaying that hedonistic bar scene over and over and over, but I would add to and embellish it… Not only horny straight men would use me for sex, but now horny women would too! I loved to imagine a woman French-kissing me, eating me, fingering me, making me cum… Or multiple people (male and female) using me all at the same time… Dozens of hands, tongues, and cocks all over and in my body! Swimming in the hot sticky love juices of so many people in one session!

Then one night on some TV talk show (I don’t remember which one), they interviewed a woman who was making a porno where she would be fucked by 1,000 men! OMG! I almost came just hearing about it! I could only imagine what that would be like: 1,000 “strange” cocks and cum in me!

Back in reality land, I’ve only actually experienced “strange” sex a couple of times, both many years ago, both times with only one person in relatively safe conditions. Was it as hot as my fantasy? HELL, YES!!!

In a different, safe world I would want to fuck just about any and every person I come in contact with! In this real world, however, I realize that if I ever tried to do this, I would likely be dead in a month. If a murderer or AIDS didn’t get me, I would simply die from exhaustion! But what a way to go!

Cum one, Cum all… The female orgasm

The Female Orgasm has been a topic of debate, mystery and even the biggest punchline going all the way back before Christ. I bet the Sumerians probably didn’t know how to please their women either. Anyway, only as of past century has it been de-mystified and is now taken into account as “OMG it’s really really real! Is that what makes you squirt?”

For the longest time I didn’t know the mechanics behind it all (thank you sex education! ) So when I finally came into my own, I felt less “bad” for thinking I was just sexually dysfunctional and became more at ease and happier that how I came was natural and that my body was A-OK!

Sometimes I wonder: How many of us know our own body, and how many men for that matter know how our orgasms work? Glad you asked, I went and found out…

+Its reported that up until the last few decades it was assumed that women didn’t orgasm at all. Why so? Not too many doctors specialized in sexual medicine. And since women didn’t need to orgasm to conceive, the female orgasm wasn’t of much importance to most doctors.

+Men don’t necessarily need love or romantic feelings to orgasm- it is automatic . Ok, before I get dragged to hell, I didn’t say ALL MEN. Men can not orgasm at all or even get aroused due to stress, emotions, medications, circulatory issues, diabetes, etc. So yeah, but back to my main subject…

+What happens when we come? Well… the clit enlarges and moves. The pelvic area fills with blood and the genital muscles tighten and kablooey! Orgasms release that tension and the vagina, pelvic floor, anus and uterus get in on that.

+ On average, we have 6-10 contractions per orgasm. Men, just 4-6. Sorry, fellas.

+We do take a long time on average: 10-20 minutes during sex. Men, only 2-3 on average.

+Women CAN orgasm AND have multiples, under the right circumstances: A caring, understanding partner who’s knowledgeable and can help her along. Fear not ladies, it is possible…as long as your man (or lady) isn’t the selfish type.

+Women DO need CLITORAL stimulation to reach orgasm. Save for the few who can during penetration, and its probably where the penis hits. Which is on or near the G spot which is located in the vaginal wall about 3 inches in. Shallow strokes, YAASS!

+1/3 of women orgasm through penetration. Another 1/3 can through penetration and additional stimulation. Another 1/3 of women can only through oral or manual stimulation.

Luckily for me i can have all 3!

+Women can come, but not even know they did. Some women do hit the peak of arousal and then feel much more relaxed and contented. It doesn’t have to be when the pelvic floor muscles clench in order to be a “true” orgasm. Yes, good to know. Because I’m tired of being put into doubt, since I didnt go into convulsions and squirt so hard, I punched a hole through space and time to know it was a real climax.

+Orgasms are goooooood: Oxytocin and endorphins are released when you come. Oxytocin in particular, being the “bonding/love” hormone. Awww

+ALSO we are able to come through exercise, sleeping (nocturnal emissions, anyone?) and giving birth. The last one…um. Anyway, additionally the old standbys: Horseback riding, motorcycles and the washer machine. Something, something Maytag repairman. *cough*

But i have been known to cum in my sleep!!!!

Moving along..

I hope in some way this makes you feel better, granted you knew this already (I hope) and that men picked up a little something from this, too! Granted, this isn’t the end-all be-all guide, I’m sure there’s some I forgot. i.e: As to how to make yourself (or your lady come), people are different, what turns them on and how they go about it is different. Just know that this is your body and how it works, and you? You are awesome!

The end.

Little ole me…

Just a few facts about me if your interested…

Im a marvel whore.. i love the marvel films.

Im a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas… HUGE!

This is my last year of being in my 30’s eeeekkkkkk.

Im a UK size 32/34… again HUGE!!!

I currently cant find a UK bra to fit me so i squeeze myself into the biggest i can find.

The name raven has come from my long pure jet black hair!

I have hazel eyes!

My favourite past time is sitting on my sofa with my blanket over me in front of the fire watching shit tv box series. Im currently watching Scandal, Revenge, and a whole load of other crap..

Oh and iv just done an online tesco shop full of naughty goodies … yum

I am FAT! Not fluffy…. Im big round and fat!

I dont know WHO started this stupid trend, but it needs to stop. I’m speaking to all my sexy big people here.

Stop calling yourself fluffy.

If you are a large person, big boned, fat, or however you refer to yourself….. you can still be sexy. You hear me? You can be big and sexy. BE big and BE sexy. Embrace that shit.


Calling yourself fluffy sounds like a big ole bag-o-farts. Flatulence is NOT sexy.

Look, Im a FAT BITCH… There is no shame in me saying that because I STILL am sexy. I’m 5’6 and have big ole ignorant N cup boobs. They are so big they are stupid BUT Im still sexy. Can’t nobody tell me any different. FUCK if I would refer to myself as fluffy. Uhm, no…..Im not fluffy. I am big. AND sexy.

You are beautiful and don’t need to make up silly words to describe yourself. My point here is, DO YOU. Forget the silly labels. Be big, be sexy.

PSA (public service announcement for you slow fuckers)

It’s not cume
is not Kum
is not come.
its CUM

I think that word is the most misspelled word here on twitter chat rooms forums etc etc  It made me a little ocd crazy today reading all the misspellings, hence the PSA. Lol.

End PSA. This message was brought to you by my ocd. Lol. I don’t really have ocd. No really, I don’t. Seriously.

In other news

Every time a guy asks me how tall I am, they almost ALWAYS laugh at my response. Most point out they are a whole foot taller than me. Lol. Uhm, so, ok……

I’m short as fuck!
Im a people mcnugget.
Im funsized.
Im a member of the lollipop guild.

I can’t help that shit.

I got a plastic box full of hooker heels, whore shoes, fuck me pumps, prostitute kicks, whatever you want to call them. I love them, I rock them.. Don’t judge me. Lolol

Awwww hairy squirrel turds…. its nearly 10pm. I’m not even sleepy but i need to go to bed as i have a busy day tomorrow… so…..
Anyway, I need to at least try to sleep. So…..

Gnite Freakies!