New year New you?????

As we all know, every year a new year roles around, so do a bunch of New Year’s resolutions. Especially ones that pertain to life style changes. Ask yourself this question regarding your new resolution. Is it realistic? Have you set your self up for success… or failure?

Every year at this time I dread how the diet industry exploits weight loss and attacks the fat, and non fat population. We are made to feel undeserving of good things in life, or not the status quot due to physicality and looks. It’s not right. It’s not cool. We have to be careful that we do not get lost in purchasing and or investing into a promise “that life matters will go away if you were just thin, beautiful or buff”. Big shock if you have issues, fat or skinny, they don’t just go away because you change your appearance. It’s not realistic. Most times there are many underlying causes and factors.

Oh I’m not saying don’t set goals, what I am stressing is we need to set obtainable ones. If your goal is to get into better shape, great! But be realistic. Remember you will have more success chipping away at a mountain with small consistencies, chipping bit by bit, then taking single big hunks out at a time and being overwhelmed and just being too darn tired to continue.

Some of my goals for myself this year are:

Remembering I am worth it! – I am making a conscious effort to remember I deserve all things good and of quality in my life. That means not making excuses for other people if they hurt my feelings, or disrespect my time or efforts. <– This is really a challenge for me. I find it is so natural to shrug things off because I am the “nice” girl. Staying focused: For me this means staying focused on what I really am trying to do with my life for the next year. I find myself always feeling trapped living day to day and just struggling to survive with my insecurities  . I know what I want and I have to learn to not invest long term in everything that is happening around me now, but remember I am looking for opportunities to get me closer to my long term goal. It’s OK to go with the flow, but not get stuck in it.

Being Healthy: Ah hah! but it’s not what you think! I am not trying to lose weight, nope too many people thinking being healthy is all about the physical, nope not me. I want to stay emotionally and mentally strong. That means till this day, I am still trying to tell myself I don’t deserve certain things because of what I look like. I still have moments where I ask myself “who’s going to want me especially at this size?” This type of thinking is so, so toxic. When you don’t feel good about who you are mentally, it effects you in every aspect of your life. So I’m starting (trying) to adore my plump self. The roundness of my everything, the softness of me. I starting to really adore the idea a woman of my size is a real thing of beauty. Truly it is. I’ve been telling myself that for only a couple years now, retraining yourself to feel a different way after so many years of one way of thinking is a real chore. <– I really believe when the inside works right, things will follow on the outside 🙂 Well there you have it. You now have been privileged to read some of my personal goals. Feel free to use them in your own life.

I can’t wait to see what kind of blogs and posts I’m going to write for 2015. If you have any topics you would like to discuss, or for me to write about feel free to send me a comment.

Until then beautiful people,

Be Well.


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