Naked or not to be naked

Just a quickie as i sit here deciding what flavour angel delight to go and make….

Being naked!

I love being naked, especially after a bath, i just don’t want to get dressed.

I often wonder in this society,weather at a naturist camp, if us people would be just as welcomed as those of a toned psyche

I mean if i go my tummy is so big and hangs so low you cant see anything and out of my bra i can assure my boobs are not as impressive and as ‘up’ there as they are precieved!!

But to be able to sit under the sun completely naked or have the warm rain down on your naked skin must be amazing.

I say all this whilst sat in front of my fire to cold to come out from under my blanket so god knows how i measure up if there was a slight chill…. i just dread to think!

Thanks for popping by again and reading my often boring posts

Big kisses!!!


One thought on “Naked or not to be naked

  1. Ken W says:

    Everyone has the right to present themselves in any way, shape or form just the same. People have these ideals made up in their minds and it makes them ugly people on the inside.

    All women are beautiful on the inside and out. Just because you’re not a size 2 ( which does not appeal to me BTW ) doesn’t give anyone the right to belittle or judge you for your body.

    I think that you are a beautiful woman inside and out. You are a kind, sensitive and thoughtful woman. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Will enjoy reading more of your musings 🙂

    Take care, Ms Raven xx

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