Engage vertical thrusters…

I am the first to admit that I am not very creative in the bedroom. Enthusiastic – yes but creative? No. Needless to say, there are positions that I’m not going to think of on my own.

Like sex standing up.

I didn’t encounter this until I started dating again. Seems to be a popular position for the guys. But problems exist.

I’m short and I’m heavy. That precludes pinning me against the wall.

I tried kneeling on my bed and ended up with “accidental” anal. Hm. Maybe I should actually buy a bed frame (or find shorter partners)

Of course, someone else’s bed could be high enough, for him to stand and me to lie back. There was this one …….. *pauses with a reminiscent grin* Oh, sorry – that’s a whole different story.

Let me tell you about the fella that really, really wanted sex standing up. My bed was too low. The couch cushions were to low but the couch arms … BINGO! Just his height. So, I hop up and immediately unbalance and fall backwards, heels over head!

Let’s try this again. Only this time I’ll just bend over the arm. Oops – short, remember? In order for my pussy to be at the right height, I had to balance on my hip bones with my feet off the ground. Waaay off the ground. I was body surfing the couch arm. But it worked (for him) and all is right with the world. Right?

Wrong! He wanted to be able to see the action better – from the front.

I may not be creative in the bedroom but I’m creative at problem solving. 3 couch cushions later, I have support for my back and I’m perched on the arm again.

And Vertical thrusters are back on-line!

Ahhhhh memories!!!!!!!


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