Fat Mood!

Hello Again All,

I’m in a fat mood today , a very fat mood in fact..

lol these are the times when i think “screw it, i’m gonna gain and get as big as i want” then they pass and i think about me being fat in the context of reality again and chicken out…

Its like this alot lately, though the fat moods are becoming more frequent and longer, i never used to think about it at all, until i found this blog site where i can put my thoughts down, and finally admitted to myself what i’ve been denying all along…

I want to be fat, i want to be big, i want to be soft, i want to be cuddly, i want to be warm and i want to eat and not think twice about it.

But at the same time i want to be all the generic things, healthy, fit, sexy, good job, well off financially….

For some reason it seems like i’ve got to chose one or the other, like i know i’ll never have both… Do i give into selfishness and live only to please myself or do i strive to make a better life for myself and make it worthwhile?

Sorry to anyone who takes that the wrong way, i’m not imposing this idea on you, its just how it works in my head, mix of upbringing and media…

The biggest thing really is family, i don’t really care about anything else but i’d hate to let down or disappoint my family, or make them not like me…

hmmm, anyways, i can feel this fat mood already wearing off, which is a shame cause i was kinda hopping to pig out, oh well, will have to wait for the next one…

Maybe i need a dress mood… off to window shop!


One thought on “Fat Mood!

  1. We all go through moods where we don’t care about what anyone thinks, you have the confidence to be who you are. And that’s what matters! Have fun window shopping, hope you find that killer dress…. You’d look great in it anyways xx

    Have a great day!


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