Life as a fat chick…


So many people these days are overweight. Some are just a few pounds past their ideal weight and some are a few hundred pounds past it. We tend to lump them all into one group and be done with it.I however think there is so much more lying under the labels that society has given us. Over the year we have been called fat, fluffy, portly, obese, plus size, bbw which I find to be the most flattering of them all and I tend to go with BBW as self identifying .The issue I have with being a “fat” chick is the idea that although it is considered wrong to mention color, race, religion, physical handicaps in a negative way;it is somehow over looked when it comes to weight issues. I can not tell you how many rude, unflattering comments I have received about my weight issue.

The comments are not invited, they are not welcomed and for the most part they are not responded to by me. I have, however, received a few that made me sink down just a little bit to reply. Comments that hit home in a way that was unexpected. I can’t speak for anyone else here but I feel that as long as I am not hurting anyone, putting anyone down, causing any kind of ill will among my fellow humans, I should be given that same respect.

We do not know what anyone else is dealing with. Perhaps a tragedy has befallen this person and they have gained weight as a coping mechanism, perhaps it is a childhood issue that progressed as an adult or perhaps its a medical issue like thyroid glands or medications that have caused the size issues to arise. Whatever the reason, the world would be a better place if we would all just get along!

the size of a person’s body in no way measures their worth. They have feelings, desires, dreams, aspirations, goals, families, sex drives, fulfilling lives all around. The fact that I have more skin than you does not entitle you to belittle me or my worth. Yet on a daily basis, that is exactly what “Fat” people all over the country get. Judged, criticized for being larger than their thinner counterparts. Passed over for positions at work, looked past in the public eye, and looked down upon.

Dating, relationships and love in general are more difficult in a larger world. If you are one of the lucky ones who have found someone special to share your life with, that is wonderful but I am not speaking about you. For years I felt unattractive, undesirable and like there was something wrong with me because of my size. But then the dawn of the internet age came and chat rooms became readily available. The emergence of bbw and admirer sites put a glimmer of hope in our hearts that there was in fact a place for us bigger souls who just wanted to be accepted as we were. Perfect as is.

Luckily for me also is that i have a big gob so im not the girl who will go home and cry into a cake because you have put me down. Il just eat the cake because i want to!!!
Has anyone out there dealt with similar issues as a bbw? or even a BHM? I would like to hear your story!

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