What is sexy?????

I find men to be interesting,when not only the physical aspect is what attracts them to me.
Similar attractions men find in women, not only the outlook…
How many of us are aware what other things go into equation with physical look and what we consider sexy about opposite gender?
What would make us to feel there’s no doubt he/she would rock our world if we were lucky enough to get that chance with her/him?

My first thought today was that laughing is very sexy…
A nice smile with a smooth, healthy, strong and relaxed laugh. We may like vocal people. A person who is opened to laughter and not afraid to let itself go with a good laugh is vocal…and might be vocal later as well…

With laughing comes gentle physical contact because touch is important. Could be radiant. If you touch your date arm while you laugh or flirt, it bumps you up a dozen notches on the “sexy” scale. Especially women, she has shown she is not afraid to get physical. Men like physical.

I like it when a man is confident. A confident person is someone who holds their own but isn’t afraid to step out of the spotlight for a while. That kind of person speaks up at the right time, but doesn’t monopolize the conversation, it is the kind of woman or man we feel will be more confident later. We’re talking bedroom… “lights on” and “on top” for woman or „he knows what is he doing“, and that’s amazingly sexy.

A person who isn’t afraid to look at you and let you know she/he is doing so. I am talking about the eye contact. This is the person who watches you while you’re talking, and doesn’t let its eyes wander all over the room. It is the person who makes you think you’re the only other person in the room, and it is the person any man or woman would fight to keep.
There is another „look“ man and woman are showing after long exhausting night, hehe…when in the morning she or he says…“Ready for more?“ Isn’t that sexy?

There are so many variables to sexy it’s almost impossible to define. Of course there is psychically sexy but beyond that there are the many personality traits than blend together to make one “sexy”. For me I suppose it starts with sexual confidence in ones self then all the other little personal attributes a man might have are added.

I know it’s hard to give the correct answer on what makes another person sexy. It is the attraction of another person. For me it is how he stands out from the best, self confidence, has proper communication skills, is he honest and consistent in life and relationships, personality and he has got to be all man and not some wannabe kid who plays games and wastes my time.

Thanks for popping by! x


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