Boobs Bums … Its February

I think the lack of sleep I had from the previous night is catching up with me.Trying to get myself rolling this morning was a bit rough. However was able to get moving about and get myself some tea and toast breakfast. Once eaten i then decide i need to start working on the huge pile of washing that really needs to be done. I need a  man slave . . I can guarantee i will need a little lie down and a nap before moving my living room around.

Two hours later I get up and still a bit groggy but felt a little more focused. Hope I am not coming down with something. I have such a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I know that there is a lot going on.

Here in blog land, I have been able to communicate with a few more people. Been nice to actually interact with another individual. Getting beyond “Hi”and “How are you doing”, always seem to be a challenge for me. :: queue the crickets ::

Any-who, another fun filled week awaits me. Best to get some rest so that I am not dragging too much while on the job (I say to myself as im still sat here in my pjs…)

Happy February everyone xxx

New adventures and new encounters await me.


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