In need of naked hot bodied cuddles

Hi everyone who comes over to read my post and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

I havent been on for a while due to feeling unwell. Iv been spending most of my time laid on the sofa under my blanket.

But today i feel bit better so i though id try and write a bit. My typing is going slow as the cold really effects my joints and especially my hands.

So iv decided im recruiting a hot water bottle in the life size shape of man. You just need to be red blooded as in hot hot hot so i can steal your heat from you!!

In return i cant promise much other than my warm sweaty body laid next to you not really doing much!!

Oh and my breasts sticking to you as you try to roll away from me lol

On that note im going to make myself some dinner and try my hardest to warm up and pray my nipples dont drop off in the mean time!

Feel free to send supplies… ya know chocolates cheese coffee….


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