I am FAT! Not fluffy…. Im big round and fat!

I dont know WHO started this stupid trend, but it needs to stop. I’m speaking to all my sexy big people here.

Stop calling yourself fluffy.

If you are a large person, big boned, fat, or however you refer to yourself….. you can still be sexy. You hear me? You can be big and sexy. BE big and BE sexy. Embrace that shit.


Calling yourself fluffy sounds like a big ole bag-o-farts. Flatulence is NOT sexy.

Look, Im a FAT BITCH… There is no shame in me saying that because I STILL am sexy. I’m 5’6 and have big ole ignorant N cup boobs. They are so big they are stupid BUT Im still sexy. Can’t nobody tell me any different. FUCK if I would refer to myself as fluffy. Uhm, no…..Im not fluffy. I am big. AND sexy.

You are beautiful and don’t need to make up silly words to describe yourself. My point here is, DO YOU. Forget the silly labels. Be big, be sexy.

PSA (public service announcement for you slow fuckers)

It’s not cume
is not Kum
is not come.
its CUM

I think that word is the most misspelled word here on twitter chat rooms forums etc etc  It made me a little ocd crazy today reading all the misspellings, hence the PSA. Lol.

End PSA. This message was brought to you by my ocd. Lol. I don’t really have ocd. No really, I don’t. Seriously.

In other news

Every time a guy asks me how tall I am, they almost ALWAYS laugh at my response. Most point out they are a whole foot taller than me. Lol. Uhm, so, ok……

I’m short as fuck!
Im a people mcnugget.
Im funsized.
Im a member of the lollipop guild.

I can’t help that shit.

I got a plastic box full of hooker heels, whore shoes, fuck me pumps, prostitute kicks, whatever you want to call them. I love them, I rock them.. Don’t judge me. Lolol

Awwww hairy squirrel turds…. its nearly 10pm. I’m not even sleepy but i need to go to bed as i have a busy day tomorrow… so…..
Anyway, I need to at least try to sleep. So…..

Gnite Freakies!



One thought on “I am FAT! Not fluffy…. Im big round and fat!

  1. You are sexy and gorgeous on the inside and outside, just keep being you 🙂 And don’t worry about all the nay-sayers and the people who lack the intellect to understand you, they are sooooo not worthy of your time.

    They don’t realise that fun sized is the best size xx

    Stay sexy, Ms Raven * HUGGS *


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