So where are all the SSBBW,S?

So iv not blogged for a long time as I haven’t really been feeling myself, and looking and reading all the plus size blogs didn’t really help. They are all stunning curvy girls.
So this leads to my question.. Where the hell are all the super sized big beautiful women blogs??
Of all the blogs I have read im yet to find a lady over the uk size 32 writing about how it feels to be a real big women in this day in age.
The struggles we face from clothes to shoes to simply finding a restaurant with a seat my fat arse can fit in!
So I thought I would use this my blog as a kind of diary to vent my feeling and hope somewhere along the line il get to meet other bloggers and people like me!

So on that note im also off to work out how I get my blog out there and get people to reads it.

I thank my twitter followers for taking the time out to read my musings and I promise to tweet lots more!

See ya laters!



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