Too hot to handle!

So how have you all been getting along in this heat??
I for 1 will be glad when the autumn is here! I love the winter!!

I have to say I have struggled in this heat its been a killer.
I hate being hot and bothered and sweaty in al fairness.
Iv lived most of the days with just knickers a t shirt and a pair of knickers, I mean how else is a big girl meant to stay cool???

I have been swimming also to try and cool off but being a larger lady its not the most comfortable of experience’s.
I have to wear a bra under said cossie and then a sports bra over it as im not keen on my bra being on show.

Then there’s the struggle to get into the swimming pool it self, it has steps but not steps as we know it.
They are like an extended ladder stretched out and I have to squeeze my self through the hand rail…I swear one day I will get stuck!
Getting out is even worse and I always try to get out when the percentage of the people have their backs to me as their swimming back down the pool.

All this leaves me feeling very hungry too hahaha

So my quest this week is to try and find a swimming costume for a ssbbw! A uk 32 just isn’t going to to cut it! I need BIG!! With enough support that the girls don’t need me to wear a bra underneath!

Thanks for reading and if you hear of any sites selling large costumes let me know!


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